Honeste Vivere,Alterum Non Laedere, Suum Cuique Tribuere

We fight for your justice

Honeste Vivere,Alterum Non Laedere, Suum Cuique Tribuere

We prepared to oppose for you

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SUDJONO & REKAN (“SR”) Law Offices was established in 1999 and dedicated to the provision of quality legal services to clients pursuant to the prevailing codes of ethic. Clients’ trust to the SR will be followed-up by the best services by using all forms of available legal services.

SR operates professionally with the supports of a team consisting of legal consultants and advocates with experience in their own areas. Our team will keep onself-improving and anticipating as well as proactively following the development of legal practices.

In its courses of business SR has been handling domestic and overseas corporate as well as individual clients, by focusing on the Litigation and Arbitration, Employment and Industrial Relation, General Corporate and Commercial, Banking and Finance, Intellectual Property, State Administration Law, Criminal Law.

We provides legal services to clients in the forms of consultations, accompanying and or representing clients in settling legal dispute faced by the clients inside as well as outside the court, and giving advices and legal opinion aswell as providing solutions with respect to the legal dispute experienced by the clients (legal advice).

Last but not the least, all responsibilities and or trust of the clients assigned to us will be followed up by the spirit to live honestly, to hurt no one, and to give every man his own (honeste vivere,alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere).

S&R Team

Our Areas of Practice

SR can handle a wide variety of cases, and this is our practice area

Employment And Industrial Relation

SR has competencies in handling criminal cases

SR provides services to the corporate as well as individual clients, by providing them legal opinion or advices, legal consultations and accompanying and or representing them inside and outside courts, to compose and or draft company’s regulations as well as the approval thereof, to give legal advices in drafting the Collective Labor Agreements.

Bankruptcy And Insolvency

These services shall include :

– represent the client’s as creditors (including separatist creditors) or debtors in relation to the process of suspension of payment or bankruptcy trial process

– representing the client’s as creditor in relation to the creditors meeting for suspension of payment or bankruptcy

– advise the clients for the settlement agreement during the proscess of suspension of payment/before the homologation/during the bankruptcy.

Litigation And Arbitration

SR also handles civil cases, both litigation and non-litigation

While the legal services we provide in this civil cases are settling the default issues, debts issues and to provide legal opinion and advices with respect to the business contract. SR also advises on selection of arbitration as an alternative dispute settlement mechanism where appropriate and represents clients in arbitration proceedings under local and international arbitration rules. We provide expertise at all stages of the arbitration process.